List of Publications:

Peer-reviewed papers:

    1.          Horwell, C.J., Elias, T., Covey, J., Bhandari, R. and Truby, J., 2023. Perceptions of volcanic air pollution and exposure reduction practices on the Island of Hawai ‘i: Working towards socially relevant risk communication. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 95, p.103853. (Access it here)

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    3. Bhandari, R. 2018. Mind the Gap: Geographical Inequalities in Health during the Age of Austerity. Durham University. (Access it here)
    4. Bhandari, R., Kasim, A., Warren, J., Akhter, N. & Bambra, C. 2017. Geographical inequalities in health in a time of austerity: Baseline findings from the Stockton-on-Tees cohort study. Health & Place, 48, 111-122. (Download it here).
    5. Paudel, S., Subedi, N., Bhandari, R., Bastola, R., Niroula, R. & Poudyal, A. 2014. Estimation of leisure time physical activity and sedentary behaviour among school adolescents in Nepal. BMC Public Health, 14. (Download it here)
    6. Khanal, V., Bhandari, R., Adhikari, M., Karkee, R. & Joshi, C. 2014. Utilization of maternal and child health services in western rural Nepal: A cross-sectional community-based study. Indian J. Public Health, 58, 27-33. (Download it here)
    7. Bhandari, R., Adhikari, M. & Khanal, V. 2013. Factors Associated with Child Health Card Holding among Mothers of Western Rural Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Community Based Study. International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition, 2. (Download it here)
    8. Khanal, V., Bhandari, R. & Karkee, R. 2013. Non medical interventions for childhood diarrhoea control: way forward in Nepal. Kathmandu Univ. Med. J. (KUMJ), 11, 256-61. (Download it here)
    9. Bhandari, R. & Sharma, R. 2012. Epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a descriptive study in the mid-western region of Nepal. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis, 7, 253-7. (Download it here)
    10. Shrestha, C. and Bhandari, R., 2012. Insight into human resources for health status in Nepal. Health Prospect: Journal of Public Health, 11, pp.40-41. (Download it here)

Book chapters:

    1. Ahmad, S., Baffoe, G., Bhandari, R., Young, G. and Osborne, M. (2021) Sustainable, healthy, learning cities and neighbourhoods. In: Venter, M. (ed.) Learning for a Better Future: Perspectives on Higher Education, Cities, Business and Civil Society. AOSIS: Durbanville. 
    2. Bhandari, R. 2019. Placing Health in Austerity. In: Bambra, C. (ed.) Health in Hard Times. 1 ed.: Bristol University Press. (Download it here)
    3. Bhandari, R., Shrestha, C. & Mishra, S. R. 2018. Health and the Nepal Earthquake: Ways Forward. In: Bracken, L., A. Ruszczyk, H. & Robinson, T. (eds.) Evolving Narratives of Hazard and Risk: The Gorkha Earthquake, Nepal, 2015. Cham: Springer International Publishing. (Download it here).

External Blogs/pieces

    1. Bhandari, R., Baffoe, G., Ahmed, S. 2021. Inequalities in Cities of the Global South: Learning from the session organised at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, (Available here)  
    2. Bhandari, R. 2021. Addressing health inequalities: why neighbourhoods should be front and centre of building a fairer world, (Available here)
    3. Bhandari, R. 2020. Wearing the Hat of a Health Geographer in the Neighbourhoods of New Delhi, (Available here)
    4. Ruszczyk, H. A. & Bhandari, R. 2020. Intervention–Transitioning from hope to optimism and back again. Antipode Online. (Access here)
    5. Bhandari, R. & Nesterova, Y. 2020. Support thy neighbour: why a strong local response will help beat COVID-19. Available from:

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